Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lazy 15: Bonfire Night

Happy December! I'm sorry I failed at this challenge so much, I've just been so lazy. So so so lazy.

I was a little uninspired for bonfire night but a conversation early on with some of the creators of this challenge gave me an epic idea: bonfires + nights = okay. But bonfires + nights + S'MORES = FUN. So these are my S'mores nails.

My nails are the pieces of a s'more: graham crackers on pointer and pinky, marshmallow on middle, and chocolate on ring. The marshmallow is Essie Marshmallow, chocolate is Essence Sneezy, and I only have one brown polish in my entire collection (you can see it right in that photo) so I actually had to Franken another polish for the graham crackers. It's Sneezy with one drop white and one drop fall orange Migi.

There you have it, belated challenge mani!


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