Friday, December 7, 2012

Black Cat Halloween Collection

Hey everyone. No, my post isn't a typo - I am really this late posting the Black Cat Lacquer mini collection I bought for Halloween. The swatches have been in my folders but I was so busy between the Lazy 15 and my November Untrieds, I never got to posting them. However, they're beautiful and I didn't want to blow them off... so here we are. Happy Halloween in December! ;)

First up is Trick or Treat which I loved for being really un-Halloweeny. I layered this over Hits Plum from the Hello Kitty collection which is absolute perfection. I own all 9 of these polishes now and you'll see them randomly throughout this month. First picture is Plum alone then with 1-2 dabby coats of Trick or Treat. It was really easy to use, I just had to do the typical pushing around to get placement as I wanted.

Next up I layered Six Feet Under (pointer and pinky) and Death Becomes Her (middle and ring) over Zoya Dove.

Everyday is Halloween was the last one and this was the most Halloween of the bunch. I kept mixing up this one with Trick or Treat because I felt like the names should be flipped (Halloween = Trick or Treat, one that would work for everyday use, not just Halloween = Everyday is Halloween...) but it's gorgeous nonetheless. I even managed to get a silver moon on one of my nails and you can see it's a really fun Halloween one that applied really easily.

I added matte top coat because I'm just addicted to doing this. Don't ask me any questions.

There's actually one more but for some reason I didn't swatch it on this particular day (I wore it as an NOTD prior to these swatches, so that's probably why) but here's a quick nail wheel swatch of all 5 plus a picture of them in the dark to show how much Paranormal glows!

Left to right: Everyday is Halloween, Six Feet Under, Paranormal, Trick or Treat, Death Becomes Her

There you have it, a lovely collection! These are actually still available in full size at Black Cat Lacquer's etsy shop!



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Lissa White said...

I won't ask about randomly adding matte top coats.......cuz i do that too. It makes every one of my favorite colors that much cooler :P

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

It makes it so different! As much as I love it shiny, I try it matte and love it just as much!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

So are you! ;)