Friday, December 21, 2012

We Survived The End of the World!

TGIF! I'm off work until January 2nd after today at 2 so I'm pretty psyched. Also...we seem to have survived the apocalypse if you're reading this. Win/win!

Today I have two lovely polishes in a lovely layering combination. The base is Maybelline Pink Sombrero which I got from Amanda's blog sale, so obviously it's close to my heart <3

The glitter on top is from Lynnderella's Halloween collection, Ghost of a Chance. It's iridescent glitter with sparse pastel glitters. I absolutely LOVE this.

Sorry for the dry cuticles... but not sorry at how much I love this. Happy Friday!



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

Yay for surviving the end of the world that didn't happen! And yay for blog sales! And pink! And glitter! So MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Jenna Froggy said...

Lol, glad we all made it through that ending, whew! This combo looks great on you!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Me too! Thank you <3

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...