Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Untrieds: Essence Carrie and Mr. Big

Hey everyone! Day two of December and I am going strong! I wonder how Amanda and Madeline (note: new blog!) are doing... anyway, I'll stop procrastinating :)

Today I am lucky enough to have Mr. Big and Carrie from Essence's Nail Art Twins collection. I absolutely adore every single duo to come out of this line so I was certain I wouldn't be disappointed, especially since I LOVE Sex and the City.

Mr. Big is a purple-red creme. Perfect coverage in one coat, which I love. All of this line covers amazingly!

Then I added Carrie on top and voila! Instant nail art and beauty. a perfect couple :)



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...


Jenna Froggy said...

Gorgeous combo! I really like the base color :D

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Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thanks, me too! Such a great color!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Me too! <3