Friday, November 30, 2012

Lazy 15: Guilty Pleasure

Hey everyone... I totally slacked on the Lazy 15 challenge this week; not because I didn't have manis done, but because I was too lazy to upload the pictures onto my computer. So today I have today's challenge a little late and tomorrow I have Monday's challenge I never posted. Sorry!

The challenge for today is guilty pleasure and this was one that I contributed to the challenge, thus I knew this one from the beginning! However, this was kind of a fail because I can't sponge and that nail looked stupid and the first time I tried it, the yellow polish I had on stained my cuticles/fingers. Ugh. Bear with me and don't click to enlarge.

Okay, so JERSEY SHORE! Yes, I know. I'm a teenage girl. I love the drama, the idiocy, the jokes, the personalities, etc. So the mani below is inspired by them:

Pointer: Migi neon green base with Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon on top (glittery, gaudy)
Middle: black Migi with red Migi to stamp (supposed to look like the logo, but the sponging wasn't subtle enough)
Ring: Migi orange (to demonstrate their skin tone lol!)
Pinky: Mattese Elite neon pink with Sally Hansen Jade Chrome and m78 from Born Pretty Store (animal print, duh!)

So, I'm sorry for the weird finger staining and my terrible middle finger. I shouldn't try nail art ever.


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