Sunday, November 20, 2011

BFF Week: Amanda of Fashion Footing

Hey guys! This is the first post in my series this week: BFF week! I'm going to feature a guest post from my best blogging friends all week :) I thought this was really fitting for thanksgiving week since friends are one of the things I'm most thankful for :) I hope you all enjoy this series!

Today I have a post from Amanda from Fashion Footing. Amanda and I have a lot in common (including our name!) such as our undying love for glitter, nail polish, and blogging; but she is also a sweetheart I've had the pleasure of getting to know on twitter. Enjoy her post and check her out!

First off, thanks Amanda for letting me do this post! I'm so excited! This is my first one and I hope you like it!  I feel like Amanda and I are polish soul mates.... we like a lot of the same things, as long as they have glitter :-p

I have a nice fall combination for everyone today. Hopefully it feels like fall where you are, or you are at least in the fall spirit.

I started with a base coat of Barielle's Unraveled Rust. This is exactly that: a rust color. It is much prettier on that I expected! This was a super deal at Ulta a while back and my first (and so far only) Barielle. I only used one coat, because I knew I was going to put some shatter over it.

Here is Unraveled Rust. 
Then I layered the shatter over it. I got this at JCPenney a few weeks back; the OPI's were BOGO 50% off, and I had a few coupons so it was a fantastic deal :-)
I like this combination. It is perfect for the fall, don't you think? Warm and earthy but not a plain manicure. I don't do plain very well, lol! It seems a lot of people are over the shatter trend, but the different colored shatters do help to punch up a plain manicure a little bit, without taking a ton of extra time to do! Simple and flashy = A-Okay with Me :-)

Talk to you soon!
What do you all think of Amanda's post? It's a great post, to me, because it's a color I don't own and wouldn't normally buy and totally reminds me of Thanksgiving!


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Very interesting combo....I like it :)

Jacqui said...

I am IN LOVE with this Barielle rust color. I am a huge fan of non-traditional nail colors, like baby poop brown and puke green, so this color would fit right in with my stash. The gold shatter looks awesome over it as well, so perfect for fall and Thanksgiving!

Fashion Footing said...

Thanks for letting me guest post :-)

Amanda said...

You're welcome hun, thanks for bringing autumn to my blog :)

Nicole said...

I have this one! I like those kinds of shades, though. This is the perfect combination to me, I think I'm not over shatters myself yet but I am liking the metallic shatters a bit more than the creme ones.

Amanda said...

I feel like I bought all the shatters... and haven't even used most of them once haha now the trend is basically dead and I can't revive it now :(