Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BFF Week: Dana of Polished Claws Up!

Hi guys! I'm having technical difficulties on Blogger today, so if this post looks weird I'm sorry! Another one of my blogging BFFs agreed to post to help me this week! Dana of Polished Claws Up is one of the first bloggers I really got close to (close enough that we even text!). She's done a guest post for me in the past so this isn't the first (or last) you'll be seeing of her!
Hello Lacquered ladies! It's Dana from Polished Claws Up! 

Today I have the honor of doing my second guest post for my lovely friend Amanda. Since I started my blog one of my favorite things about the world of polish has been the friends I've made. Amanda has become a GREAT pal of mine in the polish community and she's one of the sweetest girls I know! :P Today I thought I'd pick a polish I know she would love for my guest post on her blog - I bring you Revlon's Glitz & Glam from this winter's Spice It Up collection. 

If I know anything about Amanda - it's her undying love for all things glitter! I actually got a pleasant surprise with Glitz & Glam, I thought it would be a polish suited for layering only, but turns out it has a pink base and became opaque in two coats only! I'm in LOVE! 

I hope you all enjoyed my post! <3 -Dana

Dana, you know me too well! I'm drooling over here ;) What do you ladies think? It's a hit in my book!



ScarsLikeLace said...

That's a really pretty Christmasy red!

Fashion Footing said...

I just bought this yesterday :-) Haven't tried it yet but it looks fabulous!

Jacqui said...

Looks fab Dana! I just picked up this and Miseltoe yesterday, can't wait to try them out =)

Amanda said...

I need to find these... I'm on a mission!

Nicole said...

I only nabbed Mistletoe from this collection, this one is really pretty too!

Amanda said...

I didn't grab any! :(

MissMidnightBlue said...

I never seen these any where. :( I want Mistletoe. this is very pretty though. :)