Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kesha Makeup!

Hi all! A few of you requested to see my makeup from my Ke$ha costume, and that's what I will show you today! I actually really liked the way this came out, it was my favorite part of my whole costume!

To get this look, I followed the tutorial below, but changed the colors and such. I did mine in all black and put purple glitter over it, outlined in dark purple. I used mostly makeup from Hot Topic: an angled sparkly winged eyeliner, Nyx purple glitter pallette, and a purple eyeliner. I also wore fake eyelashes because, duh, it's Halloween! I should have taken a picture where I wasn't smiling so the stuff on my cheek wouldn't look warped but, trust me, it was good!

Bonus pictures: here are some shots of the ridiculousness that took place during and after my party that left me and 650,000 others without power for three or more days (reminder: this is October 29th, which, until now, had a record of 1" snowfall in past years).

Me shoveling the 8 inches of snow

A shot of my backyard and all the trees and branches down. Multiply this by my neighborhood and my half of the state and you can understand why we had no power!
 Hope you all had a safe Halloween: what did you and/or your children dress up as? We didn't get any trick-or-treaters because of the aforementioned insanity and because no power + downed power lines = not a good time for children to wander at night. :(


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