Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Part Three: Kesha Nails!

Hey all, I know I'm a bit late but... well, you read my last post. You get it. So here's my last installment of my Halloween nails: my costume inspired nails! For Halloween this year, I was Ke$ha. Whenever I told people that, they'd tell me it was perfect for me. I don't know exactly how to take that, but I took it as a compliment. When I was deciding what to do for my nails, I couldn't decide between epic glitterness, Halloween, or animal print, so I decided to combine all three: glow in the dark animal print with glitter accent nail... EUREKA! ;)

Below is OPI Glow-Ink the Dark from their 2009 Halloween collection (I bought the minis on Amazon) layered over white. It's about four coats: this polish is SHEER (and, to add insult to injury, incredibly hard to take off - like, worse than glitter... ugh). It's a very pretty purple (and does glow in the dark well, but I couldn't get a picture of that since I was doing my hostess responsibilities and then I lost power).

After Glow-Ink the Dark, I stamped with Color Club Lumin-icent using the animal print stamps at my disposal and did my accent nail with coordinating Color Club Jingle Jangle:

Zebra, cheetah, glitter, giraffe. Totally Ke$ha!
 Here's a more close up view so you can see them all. The giraffe stamp wasn't very cooperative, but hopefully people understood the point. Maybe it's more of a cow stamp? Eh, I like giraffes better!

I actually ADORED this mani. It made me want to stamp and glitter-fy everything. I think Ke$ha invaded my brain. I kinda liked it. And tomorrow: Kesha makeup!



StardustStephanie said...

Looks good! I love the cheetah print one!

Amanda said...

Kesha would be proud. And I am proud that you took our advice and merged all the aspects into one mani.... the tackier the better!! (In the best way possible of course)

Anonymous said...

Take it as a compliment! It means you have fun and like glitter :D

Amanda said...

It's no lie, I do love glitter! And I'm ok with being a little tacky ;)