Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

Hey ladies, seems like forever since I've participated in Pink Wednesday! I have for you OPI Chapel of Love. Blogger flipped ALL my pictures for me (um, thanks? but not really?) so they are all tilted awkwardly if you think my hand is actually holding the bottle this way haha. Anyway...

Here's Chapel of Love in natural sunlight at three coats.

Then, being the glitter fiend I am, I added accent nails of Color Club Backstage Pass, which is a chunky purple and silver hex glitter.

Here's a close up... ignore the fact my stupid middle finger got dented.

Please excuse the cuticles - blegh! These imperfections are so clear on camera but I don't even notice them IRL!

I liked this color combo, I struggled for a while on what color to wear this over, but I think pink works so well with it without being super over-the-top girly. Thoughts?



Shannara said...

cute color, I have Color Club Backstage Pass and I didn't like it.
But the way you used it, looks pretty.

Anonymous said...

super cute! I love the colour combo