Monday, November 28, 2011

Cult Nails Living Water

Hi ladies! My first real NOTD in what feels like forever... it's kind of strange to be posting nails again. What did you all think of BFF week?! I have some pretty talented, amazing blogger ladies in my life, right? I'm pretty blessed!

Today I have a Cult Nails polish that I received a while back during a promotion... I forget what it was. Living Water was one of the original nail polishes Maria made, and I loved it on other people but I don't love it on me. For some reason, it reads more vampy than I'd like it to and the glitter gets lost in translation... but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Below is two coats of Living Water, which is a very dark blue with lighter blue microglitter. These swatches are pre-topcoat to show you the true finish. Runty (my pointer) is making a guest appearance in the first picture so you can see just how short it is :(

Like I said, this is a gorgeous polish but on me it just gets lost IMO. Maybe you all like it on me more than I do; I'm my own worst critic! It's one I plan to hold on to and try again when I'm tanner, or thinner, or a little older, or in a certain mood... you never know when these hidden gems will suddenly strike you and look gorgeous!



Jacqui said...

I love this, and I think it looks fab on you! I agree, we are all our own worst critics. Manicures that I think look terrible on me, my husband or friends always seem to like them! Shows what we know! lol

Amanda said...

Thanks sweetie :)