Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Northern Star Polishes!

Hi everyone! Today I'm back in the reviewing saddle again as Kristin from Northern Star Polish was kind enough to send me several of her products to review.

First up is Valentine Schmalentine, which was my favorite of the bunch! This is a light gray base with pink and black shreds and microglitters. I applied this over a complementary gray creme to conserve it, and this is one coat. The glitter payoff was pretty good, considering this was just one coat without pushing or fishing around. I really liked this!

Next is  Mistletoe at Midnight over Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill. This was really fine chartreuse (I think that's the best color description?!) glitter with some larger hexes. The glitter payoff on this was excellent, as you can see below it basically covered 100% for a glitter in one coat. I bet it could be layered to wear alone but it'd take several coats and you are probably better off doing it over a complementary shade. This isn't my usual choice in color but it was absolutely unique and really easy to work with!

I also was sent a sample of Lenore, which is primarily purple, so it's right up my alley! This has purple shreds and hexes in purple, black, silver, and I think some yellow. I used two coats over OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts. This is two coats with some pushing around, but really pretty effortless as far as chunky glitters go! I really liked this and can see myself using it around Halloween, possibly over orange!

Kristin also sent me a sample of her Dark Chocolate cuticle oil, which I didn't photograph because I didn't know if you guys wanted to see my cuticles all oiled up haha! It smelled spot on to dark chocolate, so if you're a sweets fan it's perfect for you. It absolutely reminded me of Valentine's Day and the scent wasn't too strong. I'm not sure 100% on how I feel about my fingers smelling like chocolate, but mostly because I'm on a diet and it's pretty tempting... ;)

What did you think? Northern Star Polish is available on Etsy for $6 for a 9mL mini and $9 for a full size 15mL bottle.  All her polishes are B3F and I see she's now offering flat rate shipping for $3 per order which is a fantastic deal!



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

I don't think I would pick these colors for myself but they are pretty!

Kristina Pick said...

Beautiful swatches and polish! I love Valentine Schmalentine and Lenore!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thank you, those two were my favorites too!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thank you, they're definitely unique in my collection which is hard to do!