Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Untrieds!

Hey everyone! Writing this last night (as you're reading it, anyway) and my blogging BFF Amanda just revealed her big secret I've been holding in FOR WEEKS: she's having a little baby! I'm so excited for her so today's untried is my homage to her in that JENsations is one of my favorite indies and Amanda is one of her favorite people... and glitter is mine and Amanda's baby... okay, I'm stretching here. Basically, these are my only untrieds from JENsations so I am dedicating them to Amanda's baby, okay?!

I layered Snow Angel over Hits Melon. To give you an idea of what the base of this polish is, here's Melon on its own for comparison (PS this is more green in person and it's a little streaky as this is only one coat):

This is one coat of Snow Angel. Snow Angel has a shimmery white base and has some translucent white glitter in it. The glitter was a little sparse but I think that's intentional so you can see the shimmery base. It was really easy to get glitters because they lay against the flat side of the bottle.

Next up is Locket which is the complement to Key to My Heart. You may remember when I swatched KTMH over purple it was perfection so I wanted a purple version so I could wear it over pink and wear them together in a skittle mani (probably for Valentine's Day). I named it Locket because... you know, key to my heart and the locket... so.. yeah. It's black, white, and purple matte glitter in all shapes but including hearts and I LOVE THIS. Like I love Amanda and her future baby (see what I did there? it all comes full circle, people). I layered one coat over two coats of Elf Mango Madness (which is my only Elf untried!!! LOOK AT THAT! so many full circles today, people!). It's really gorgeous and I love love love this. Jen does awesome customs!

Okay, chatty Cathy mode off! Last is Christmas Cookie which is obviously for Christmas. It's red and green glitter in a white base and it's great! It reminds me of one I have by Lacquerhead which I will be posting soon. This is two coats over white creme undies.

Finally, a bottle shot because they're just so pretty to look at. Happy Tuesday!


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Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

Hahah, I love this, it made me laugh. Thanks dear :-) And I love Locket. Super super fun times and a total Amanda polish :-)