Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February 2 Tribute

Hi everyone! This is a quick (false, it was meant to be quick and then got ramble-y) post because I wanted to share this with everyone and give you a couple days head start for my upcoming plan... February 2 is the 10 year anniversary of my mom passing away. Many of you will offer condolences and I wholeheartedly accept them and appreciate all the support I receive around this time of year, but I wanted to go one step further this year and really pay tribute to my mom.

Over the past year, I submitted a color story to Lex Cosmetics and my polish won (by an overwhelming majority, thank you very much! #notveryhumblebrag. Also it's Lex's #1 seller to date but okay I'm done bragging now, seriously.) and was created. Tuilleries is was created because I wanted a color that represented both myself and my mother. My mom loved tulips and the color red, so the name Tuilleries came from tulips and I'm not sure how it transformed into that name but Lex suggested it and it seemed really unique and just perfect. If you don't own this polish, please consider doing so because 1. it's beautiful 2. it was designed by yours truly and 3. $1 goes to lung cancer research (my mother died of emphysema, so I wanted the charity to be something that related to lung and breathing issues).

Anyway, what's my point? I decided this year, since so many of you owned Tuilleries, I could ask for people to swatch and post it on February 2 (this Saturday) in honor of my mom and I'd link to you. But then people who didn't own Tuilleries wanted to participate so I wanted to include everyone. So this Saturday, February 2nd, I invite you all to post Tuilleries or a manicure dedicated to my mom. It could be pink to match Tuilleries, red for her favorite color, tulip themed, or antique themed, as that's what she loved the most - collecting antiques. If you decide to participate, please link your blog up here so we can all honor my mother together and I can keep track of who is participating. Let me know if you have any problems or questions by emailing me at I'm really looking forward to paying such a lovely, beautiful tribute to my mom with all your nails <3


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