Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last of the January Untrieds!

My goodness am I happy this portion of the challenge is over! Even though I suggested this theme, I really didn't have many single untrieds from a brand so it's been a tricky situation all month kind of lying or showing you guys about 5 untrieds from a single brand haha Next month we will be doing NO glitters - all cremes or shimmers! Should be interesting coming from the two glitter queens!

Today it's actually two polishes from the same brand but they were close enough that I ended up sending one to Kylie. In alternating fingers I have Sally Hansen Blush Rose Diamond and Pink Rose Diamond. They are pretty close but Blush is the lighter one on my ring and pointer and Pink is the one I sent to Kylie which is on my pinky and middle finger. This was two coats of each shown next to each other to compare.

I liked both but since they were so similar and I owed Kylie a giveaway prize, I sent one her way. Now go see what Amanda has for untrieds!



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

These are both very pretty but I agree that you only needed to keep one :-)

KarenD said...

No glitters in February??? What is that madness? :)

Julie Vernie said...

Oh, those HTF SH Prisms <3
You are right, those are very similar, so unless you want to keep one as a backup, no need to keep both...