Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Untrieds

Hello again! Since I posted Darling Diva Polish yesterday, technically the other one I swatched at the same time is a lonely untried ;) So here we go with Princess Celestia:

This is one coat of Princess Celestia over white undies. Princess Celestia has blue, pink, and purple glitters and yellow flowers. Obviously the flowers drew me in! I really love the look of this, I'd probably do another coat next time so I could get the glitters spread out more like they are on my ring finger, but it's beautiful regardless. I highly recommend Darling Diva Polish - she's such a sweetheart and her products have never let me down!

So there's my untried for the day, head on over to the other Amanda's blog to see what she's got for us!



Candice Buchanan said...

The milky base with shaped glitters is a fun twist - I've never seen this one before. :)

Nailtopia said...

Such a pretty polish!

Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

This is such an Amanda polish! I like the milky glitters!