Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thank Yous

Hey everyone and Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! I have no nails to show you today... Well, that's kind of not true. You may have noticed this already, but there's a new tab at the top of my blog, called Rainbow Glitters. I swatched my entire collection of rainbow glitters for you guys, and so that's what YOU can be thankful for today: the debut of that awesome blog feature ;)

Instead of the usual nail post, though, I'm going to do a tribute to the people I've really enjoyed interacting with and one thing I am thankful for about each of them. This is no small list, people. Do some stretches. A few deep breaths now. Blink and rub your eyes for a minute. FYI, this list is in alphabetical order just because I didn't want people to be offended (this isn't MySpace, I don't do a top 8) and if I forgot you, please let me know since clearly my brain isn't always 100% functional, especially compiling big lists!
  • Abby - Nothing Personail - Abby is someone I always instantly relate to and lately we've been having some really funny conversations! Thanks for making me smile :)
  • Alicia - The Base Coat - Alicia is new on my radar for some reason but I have really enjoyed chatting with her. She's always got great recommendations and suggestions!
  • Alissa - @MissAlissaS - Alissa and I share the same profession so she's a great girl for me to talk to when I'm stressed about work, and is always kind and helpful.
  • Amanda - Fashion Footing - This girl... no words. No, wrong. Too many words. She honestly has one of the biggest hearts ever and has been my support and my nail polish hunter whenever I needed her. Love this girl! <3
  • Amanda - Mad Manis - Someone needs to get this girl back into blogging, because one of her greatest talents is her nail art. She has a great eye for everything adorable.
  • Amanda - Pretty Girl Science - I've had a lot of fun recently chatting with Amanda, who happens to be a night owl like me, making her perfect for late night insomnia chats ;) I've also recently begun talking to her cohort Nichole, though somehow I failed to realize she got a separate twitter handle!
  • Arlyn - @arlyn531 - Arlyn is such a great hunter! She's always willing to look for polishes if you're having trouble and send them to you. Such a big heart and so pretty!
  • Ashley - @TellEmItsAce - She's been another great person to talk to! Lots of great feedback and responses to my tweets!
  • Ave - Polish Pixelle - Ave has the lucky honor of being one of the few nail bloggers in Massachusetts with me - that's right! This girl gets to share a state with me! What a lucky duck ;) She's been there for me through quite a few rants and that gives her some kudos in my book.
  • Bregje - Oooh Shinies! - Bregje is a "big blogger" with a big heart. She responds to every tweet, Instagram comment, blog comment, etc. since I started following her and is so good at making creative manicures effortlessly.
  • Dana - Polished Claws Up - Vintage queen, sharing the throne with Jacqui, one of the first people I ever got close to on twitter!
  • Fitzy - The Lacquer Lad - I'm thankful for Fitzy's honest opinions and his different take on things. It's always great to have an outlook from someone with a different life experience from you, especially when they can be relatable (which, obviously, he is... or he wouldn't be on this list, duh). Fitzy is always a great person to chat with.
  • Hannah - Polly Polish - She founded Polish Days! Although, I have yet to participate because I swear, I have some form of only-nail-polish-related-ADHD. But she's still pretty cool, even without Polish Days. ;)
  • Jamie - @jamieleelu - Jamie doesn't have a blog (which is a damn shame, because she's witty, talented, and awesome). She was the first person in this community I really talked with and she sent me my ultimate lemming - Mad As A Hatter (yes, every time I mention Jamie, MAAH must be mentioned. It's an unspoken girl rule.). We text pretty much all the time and she's awesome. Did I mention she's awesome? <3
  • Jacqui - The Scholarly Nail - Jacqui has such a great sense of humor. We share a lot of our humor together and she always can make me laugh LIKE KEYFUH ON REEFUH. 
  • Janna - Clever n Colorful - One of my original followers, she's quiet on twitter (and on her blog, lately) but has really great feedback and ideas.
  • Kim - @SomeCrazedLady - Kim (whose name always eludes me because she has no blog nor is it listed anywhere!) is a great polish hunter - she recently got me three of the Studio M rainbow glitters. More on those soon...
  • Lindsay - Nailtopia - It took me about 19 years to remember Lindsay's blog and she finally listened to me and listed it in her twitter description - that's what I'm thankful for, so that I can easily get to this lovely lady's blog ;)
  • Lindsay - Polish and Diamonds - Lindsay and I don't tweet too often but we DM more than I think anyone else I know! She's been a great support for me and always gives me honest opinions.
  • Madeline - Girl Germs - Madeline always has really honest but positive feedback, I know if she comments on my blog, I've done something right! She's also a really cool chick and I recommend trying to follow her on twitter but she's private because she's super cool and she has to keep creepers out. It's legit.
  • Megan - Painting Rainbows - Megan and I used to (when I wasn't impoverished) mail each other random swap stuff and it was funny and random and fun and random. She has a great eye for the random and quirky - like a pie (cake?) shaped sponge she sent me! 
  • Melissa - Nails and Heels - Melissa is new to blogging - go visit so we can encourage her to blog more ;)  She's great comedic relief on my twitter.
  • Nicole - Polish Me Please -  First, I love Nicole's twitter picture. It looks like she's about to say, "PEEK A BOO" and it makes me instantly happy. She's also super supportive and positive whenever I need her.
  • Nicole - Young, Wild, and Polished - Nicole is another one who's been a good support when I need her. She's been through hard times (haven't we all?) and it makes her easy to talk to, even about the tough stuff.
  • Rachael - The Perky Polisher - Rachael is definitely spot-on with her blog name, she's perky - but in the good way. Not the way you think of a "perky" cheerleader which is just another, kinder word for "annoying". This is the actual, fun version of perky. She's great for a pick-me-up and positive attitude!
  • Radha - The Polish Owl - I've been in touch with Radha loooong before her blogging days and I always appreciate her random acts of kindness. She's sent me at least two great polishes - one was Cult Nails Clairvoyant. It made my day and week and month.
  • Ryan - RyCoBra - Another sweetheart in the nail blogging world (there's no shortage!). This sweetheart has made me many a mix CD to cheer me up.  
  • Sabine - My Polish Stash - Sabine is a super-sweet girl from Germany who is currently taking a blogging break while getting her PhD, and I can certainly be thankful for educated gals, even when it means lack of posting pretty polishes ;)
  • Saira - The Girl With The Green Nails - Saira is such a positive person, I don't think I've ever heard anything negative come out of this girl's, twitter.
  • Sarah - Lacquerlicious Love - I just recently began talking to Lindsay but it's been really fun getting to know her and seeing how much we have in common - I'm thankful for meeting her and new people this year!
  • Sirena Sparklestar - Sirena Sparklestar - Come on, if you think I need anything more to be thankful for than her blog name, you probably are reading the wrong blog. 
  • Stephanie - The Polish Squirrel - Stephanie is new to blogging (she started in February, so maybe not THAT new) but really knows her stuff. I really appreciate talking to her and she's always kind!
  • Stephanie - Sincerely Stephanie - Stephanie is what I consider a "big blogger" but she never acts like she is... if that makes sense. She's so easy to talk to and personable that I always feel really comfortable chatting about anything with her.
  • Tee - @mstrfrck - No blog for this gal either, people. However, she's such a generous, kind, thoughtful person. She was my Secret Goblin and she spoiled Lulu and I like crazy! (However, don't ask me what her twitter handle means. I have no idea, even after asking her ;) )
  • Wes - Polish Me Manly - Wes is such a sweetheart. I've been chatting with him via twitter since before he began blogging and he's someone I talk to often. He also helped me out when I was struggling financially this month, and I really appreciate his generosity.
Wow, it was really hard narrowing it down to just one thing I'm thankful for for you guys! Also, please don't be upset if I didn't include you. I started this post on the 5th and have been adding people in my sleepless states whenever someone pops in my head - but don't be offended if you aren't an insomniac's sleepless thought ;) I totally appreciate ALL of you, especially my regular readers without blogs and my commenters.

Thanks for the support, kind words, late night chats, laughs, and community you've made. Without you, I don't think I'd have kept up with this hobby for so long... well, maybe if you hadn't been around, I'd be saving a lot of money. Hmm... need to rethink this list...

Just kidding. Love you guys.



Stephanie Piper said...

OMG! You are the sweetest person EVER! This post is amazing. All these people are awesome and I feel completely honoured to be included on the list. I am thankful I have gotten to meet you through this polish adventure! :D So much love girl <333333

Lindsay - Nailtopia said...

This is so sweet, I love it. I will forever keep my blog on my twitter just so you remember haha! <3
I'm thankful for all our lovely chat, and to belong to such an amazing nail community!

Wes Rogers said...

Amanda, I have no words for the gratitude I have for you. You're so supportive and excepting of a guy that likes to paint his nails. The tips you've given me to help me get better and painting my nails... It means so much to me. You're like a sister I never had.

Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

Awww, you're the sweetest ever! I heart your freaking face off.

Alicia said...

Thank you for including me, Amanda! Haha it made me so happy when I read my name (especially next to all of the other really awesome bloggers that you have included)! I really enjoy chatting with you too (:

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Awww you so deserve to be on this list! I love you <3

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Good, I will be thankful for that too ;) Can't wait to continue being friends and having such great chats with you!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Only after I hearted yours off first! <3<3<3

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Of course sweetie! It's been great meeting you :)

MariJo Nails said...

This is such a sweet post.

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thanks :)

Jessica said...

I thought this was the sweetest post, ever. <3