Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Not a Nail Artist... Part Three

Hello! How's everyone's day going? Today is my five year anniversary with my boyfriend! I'll be gone for the night to go to my nearest Ulta in Connecticut and just enjoy the sights we don't have in Massachusetts :) Any weekend plans for you guys? I have another nail art attempt today, which didn't turn out horribly but was really much better in my mind. I decided to emulate a Christmas tree, but not drawn on each nail. Instead, I made it so each nail was a part of the tree. For each nail I started with Ulta's The Jungle Look then added some sparkly green from my Migi pens for the branches. Then, I added red candy canes and various colored ornaments to each nail, and a yellow star at the very tip of my middle finger.

I took this picture before top coat because I wanted to see if I liked it better 3D or with topcoat... but the polish wasn't totally dry apparently and smudged to smithereens with top coat, so this is the best way I have to show you. Again, remember I'm no professional and take this as inspiration if you want to improve on it :) What do you guys think of the concept?



Fashion Footing said...

I love the idea of not doing the whole tree on one nail but making all of your nails part of the tree. Very creative.

Have fun at Ulta! Happy Anniversary :-)

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thank you, I try :) Points for effort, but not necessarily for execution ;)

Ulta was fun, but not as extravagant as I'd hoped... could the novelty be wearing thin?!