Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bluey Comparisons

Hi loves! Happy Tuesday... except I'm not really a Tuesday person either ;) On Tuesdays I do outreach therapy in people's homes for part of the day which is always interesting, but mostly I don't like working 9am-7pm on Tuesdays. Anyway, enough whining! Call the wahhhhmbulance ;)

MariJo requested that she wanted to see this comparison on my last Butter London Bluey post, so I scrounged up not only Zoya Noel, but a few other blues in my stash to compare. Good news: I may have found a dupe, you be the judge!

I decided to compare these four: Orly Sweet Peacock, Butter London Bluey, OPI Yodel Me on My Cell, and Zoya Noel. Here's how they compare in the bottles (pretty diverse, to us polish addicts!):

And a side view of the bottles so you can see the colors better (in retrospect, I should have shaken Noel a bit more, it looks much more silver and metallic than it truly is).

Here they are in the same order, on a nail wheel. Orly is 1 coat, BL is 2 coats, OPI 2 coats, and Zoya 1 coat.

Close up of Orly and BL:

Close up of OPI and Zoya:

And altogether at a different angle.

So overall, here's the breakdown:

Orly: Metallic/foil finish. The most unique of the bunch; glows from within, color is most similar to OPI. Bluest of them all.
BL: Shimmer/microglitter finish. Similar to Zoya.
OPI: Shimmer/microglitter finish. Similar color to Orly but different finishes. Second most blue of these four.
Zoya: Metallic/foil/shimmer finish. BL's possibly twin sibling, looks pretty similar in these pictures. I would say these are fairly close to dupes, in my opinion. My untrained eye (read: boyfriend) studied these two in the bottle and couldn't notice a difference. BL is a hair greener.

So for the short of it: Orly is kinda dupey for OPI, BL is dupey for Zoya. Could you have all four (like, ahem, me)? Sure, I suppose. I don't think these four are different enough to own them all, and some of these may end up going to other polish mommies from my stash, but definitively: all four are lovely colors :)



Lucy said...

Hey there Amanda! Love these colours. Particularly Butter London! Great swatch. xx

Fashion Footing said...

Wow I wouldn't have guessed Zoya and BL would be dupes but that's good to know since I already have Noel :-)

Sara said...

Thanks for the comparison. "other polish mommies" made me laugh.

Amanda said...

Thanks guys! I'm sure they aren't all perfect dupes, but so close I don't think anyone would truly notice.

I'm glad you like my polish mommies reference, they're really like my children!