Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Comparison: China Glaze White Cap vs Orly Winter Wonderland

Hey hey hey! How is everyone out there in the interwebz?! It's Friday, which is always great anyway but my one client of the day canceled - so I'm pretty pumped to have the day off now! :) Today's post is a quick comparison. I recently bought China Glaze White Cap, thinking it might be a backup bottle for Orly Winter Wonderland, which happens to be one of my favorite polishes for lightening up or refreshing a mani. Here they are layered over a black creme, in front of their respective bottles:

Immediately you can see that, nope, they are totally different (well, to a nail polish addict; my boyfriend thought they were comparable). ChG is much more sheer than Orly, and Orly pretty much takes over the scene. (What an attention whore!)

Bottle shots; Orly has much larger chunks of glitter, it seems

And up close, you can really see the difference: ChG has a golden glow whereas Orly is all silver. I prefer Orly, but that's because I prefer silver; but both are pretty! Which do you like?



Desiree said...

I totally just bought Whitecap last night! :) But I really love the ORLY kinda better, LOL.

Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

Thanks for the comparisson! I was wondering if these were dupes and now that they aren't, clearly I need both! :)

Shannara said...

I think CG looks better

Amanda said...

Clearly not dupes but both are worth having, I think!