Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Blue: Nox Twilight Talon

Hi ladies, I have more blue for you today! It's Nox Twilight Talon, which is a deep navy blue that glows from within. It looks black in some lights if you look quickly, but most always is noticeably blue. This was two easy coats and the formula was great. I also love the brush, which made it really easy to contour around my cuticles - this is following minimal cleanup (which, in retrospect, could have been better).

In my room, which is what I typically call "low light"

In sunlight
So I'm a big fan of this polish. Even if it wasn't Twilight related (yes, I'm a Twi-hard... I'm even going to see the next one at midnight. Don't judge me... move on! haha) I would still love it for its formula. It was a really nice, wintry/fall color and it really glowed. I caught myself staring at it during sessions with clients haha. What do you think? This is my last blue for now, but do you like these themed weeks?



Emily said...

I love this color. I refuse to buy anything Twilight related, though lol!

serendipitously.create said...

That is a gorgeous blue and a wonderful bottle - where do you get these??

Amanda said...

You can get them from the Nox website, but I swapped for mine on makeupalley!

Amanda said...

Too late, already judging you :)

But the color really is pretty!

Amanda said...

You're just mad I'm not a HP fan, Amanda :P

duhnay23 said...

DUDE! Where can I buy this??????

Amanda said...

Dana, you can buy them here: