Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Purchases and Packages

Hey guys! I'm in an alliterating mood, so be careful! Just giving you guys a glimpse into my awesome acquistions as of late.

With the Ulta Butter London BOGO I snatched up these two lovelies: Bluey and Rosie Lee.

And to get free shipping, I needed $25 so I grabbed these too: Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter (my work inappropriate week was sadly lacking in purple glitter), NOPI Do Good... Feel Good, and Ulta Baby Doll. (I'm still on my quest for a non-shimmery light, light almost nude pink after OPI Play the Peonies.)

I also ordered last year's Halloween set from OPI, Tattoo Ta-boo! mostly because I wanted the glow in the dark purple :)

And finally, the lovely Dana sent me some goodies just because. Funky Fingers Sand and Stillettos, Wet n Wild Stream of Wonder (from Mermaid's Cove) and Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby (which I hope is a Justin Bieber reference, just because). She also sent a Nail Fetish polish from the dollar store, but I had already opened it when it was time for pictures and forgot it at my best friend's house. :-\

So, I got some good stuff! I also have multiplied my Migi supplies, but I don't know if it interests you guys to see all of those colors? Let me know!



Maria said...

Random, but those two BLs look very very good together!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

Good point, Maria... Maybe they need a mani together! Thanks!