Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Part One: Cougar Attack!

Hi ladies! With Halloween being my favorite holiday, I'm shocked I have yet to post a Halloween mani! All the posts I show you guys are NOTDs so for a while, I thought it was too early for Halloween... then the end of the month snuck up on me! I'm having a party this weekend and I'm so excited! And that is why this post is scheduled: I totally slacked on preparation and I'm spending the day prepping! haha

Anyway, here's my homage to Halloween part one, Wet n Wild Cougar Attack, which was part of this year's hard-to-find On the Prowl collection. This applied kind of awkwardly, this is three coats which was perfect for opacity but some nails were okay in two. The brush on Wet n Wild is perfectly sized to cover my whole nail in one stroke but that means sometimes I get pooling on the edge of my nails from the brush pushing excess over there, if that makes sense? On to the polish.... first, without topcoat.

And with topcoat...

In my opinion, this absolutely requires a great topcoat. It will dry on its own fine, but it will be dull and lack dimension. Once I added topcoat to this, I LOVED it (I usually take my pictures pre-topcoat so you guys see what it actually looks like, not what the topcoat adds). Very Halloweeny, no?



Anonymous said...

I NEED to get this, it's amazing :D

Amanda said...

It was a surprise favorite! I hate that it's so HTF though :(