Thursday, June 23, 2011

OPI Skull and Glossbones: Nail Fail?

Hello again! My 10am client canceled which gives me some time to post. Here I have my mani from a couple days ago, Skull and Glossbones from the OPI Pirates minis. I'm a huuuuge fan of gray and this was the cutest named polish, but it just wouldn't grow on me.

This is more of a greige than a gray, and it makes me look horribly washed out. In person, it was beige in some lighting and blah gray in others. I love Zoya Dove, so I was disappointed that this gray didn't work for me. My boyfriend complimented me on it, but then when I commented that it was boring, he agreed. I wanted to add something but couldn't decide what... oh! I know! A crackle, I can use one of the colored ones that I don't normally use! That'll fix it! I'll use Fault Line from China Glaze!

Wrong. This color combination could probably not be much worse, in my opinion. It makes it look like my purple polish is chipping to reveal nail fungus! (I assure you, I do not have nail fungus.) The purple crackle actually was pretty easy to use, even though a lot of people have complained about it. A few good shakes and it's good to go... although the cracking isn't very consistent. This mani lasted, oh, about ten minutes before my nail polish remover got the best of it.

So what do you think? Am I being a diva or is this polish really as terrible on me as I believe?


Kbabs said...

Yeah, the Glossbones is a pretty icky color, judging from your pictures. Maybe a different skin tone would work with it? Nah, probably not. If they loved the color, they would have made it part of their main line.

Amanda said...

Maybe it would work with another skin tone, but definitely not mine! haha Thanks for reading :)