Sunday, June 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen = My Hero

Happy Sunday, ladies! Sundays always feel depressing to me because it's the end of the weekend and I have to start getting back into "work mode". Boooo.

I have a special request to ask of you. Yes, you, reading this right now. Leave me a comment and give me a link to some new nail blogs I haven't mentioned before. I'm seeking out nail talent so I can learn their tricks of the trade. GlittaGloves has been mentoring me in my camera techniques to get great pictures, but I want to see what other people do to make their blogs stand out. (Plus, it'll help get my name out there and I'm still looking for 50 followers to do a giveaway!)

Today's mani is Epic Winning from the Icing. This was a huuuuge lemming for me from the very first time I saw it, and my boyfriend took me a mall an hour away so I could pick him up. And he was worth it. Epic Winning is a clear base packed with blue glitter and holographic glitter, and it's simply breathtaking for any holo lover (however, it is not work appropriate, so it only gets the weekend to shine for me).

I started off with Ulta Blue Streak, or as I call it, "my accidental neon". For some reason, I never think that a blue this color can be neon, but it was! Pretty on its own, but not really my style. Luckily, Blue Streak was just a means to an end...

Bam! Epic Winning. This is just one coat (I ended up doing three because I wanted it to overwhelm people's eyeballs).

Here's a blurry pic to show the holo glitter in it. *Swoons*

Here he is in natural light, AKA the light coming from my window on an overcast/rainy day. I did notice that this polish in the sun tends to be a little less sparkly, but inside it's a glitter bomb!

And finally, a tribute to GlittaGloves: a macro picture! My camera doesn't have a macro setting per se, I just have to put it on its automatic setting and let it do its thing... so this is what I get. Here's the bottle with all the holo goodness inside. Yum!

So, what are your thoughts? I loved it, but I imagine it's not for everyone. Don't forget to suggest those blogs!



KarenD said...

Exactly the type of thing I love to wear. :) I've got the Icing coming to me in a swap right now.

Iza said...

I love this color :) looks great on your fingers ^^

BTW, I tagged you in the sunshine award in my blog. check it out :D

Amanda said...

Karen - it's a beautiful polish! I also got an Icing one in "Starlight" which is the same thing, but with a light blue base instead of clear. I haven't tried it yet but it might be worthwhile since Icing is awesome at glitters!

Hi Iza! Thank you :) My mom used to tell me I have piano fingers ;) I'll check out the award, thanks!

Hannah J said...

Gorgeous color:) I love the glitter, what girl doesn't? Great mani, Check out my nail blog

KarenD said...

I just need Icing to put one of their stores in a more convenient location for me. It's very poor planning on their part to have overlooked this. :)

Amanda said...

Hannah - I couldn't agree more! Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but glitter is a close second :) I'll check you out!

Karen - I agree! It was terrible planning for them to close my home store and leave Claire's open. Grrrr