Saturday, June 18, 2011

Comparison Post: Milani Gems vs Claire's Bedazzled

Good morning! Today I have a comparison swatch for you ladies. I know a few months ago, the Milani "one coat glitters" were hugely popular, but not everyone got their hands on it. I got Milani Gems through a swap a few months ago, loved it, and hadn't used it very much, mostly because it was winter and all it did was snow and so glitter wasn't really appropriate. But now it's sunny and I busted my glitters out and discovered, oh, this Claire's polish I bought the other day looks really similar, let's check that out...

Milani Gems is on the left, Claire's Bedazzled is on the right in all the pictures and both swatches are two coats.

So, you can see they're close. The large, hexagonal glitter is in the same color scheme for both: teal, pink, orange, silver, and small green glitter. The difference, I think, is that Bedazzled also has this small green glitter accompanying it. There's some medium glitter in Gems, but Bedazzled has lots of the really small glitter, which you can see in the middle of the swatch on the right side.

So what do you think? Not exactly dupes, but I think they're close enough you could buy one and not the other (whoops!) or that people wouldn't necessarily notice the difference if you were wearing one of them. And I must say, I am really stuck on the multi-colored glitter because I just bought Pinata-yada-yada at Ulta yesterday! (Yes, you read that right, I went to an Ulta! It was mindblowing. Haul pictures to come soon!)

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