Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Untrieds .. 5?!

Hey everyone. I can't believe how this month is flying by. Already on my 5th untrieds challenge with Amanda and Sarah! Thank goodness because I'm craving more glitters on my blog... not that I haven't snuck them in anyway ;)

Today's polish is actually from Amanda so even more reason to love it! This is Sephora by OPI Read my Palm which is a really perfect green. I am not a huge green person but this is one of my favorite shades. This is two coats and it applied like butter. Also, don't you love Amanda's label? I love her so much.

I'm sure you all expected this by now. I had to add glitter, had to. I suck at this challenge. Who's idea was this anyway?! Oh, yeah... mine. *changes subjects* This is Naild'It Unique Hocus Bogus which I bought from Llarowe a while back and I haven't tried this either until now, but it's a perfect complement to the SOPI. Hocus Bogus has purple, blue, teal, and black glitter in various sizes. There's also some stars and I think maybe large round black glitter? But I might have imagined that. This is one coat which distributed pretty well on its own but I did go back and add a couple hexes to even it out overall. Really pretty polish!

Here it is a little closer to show it off <3

Anyway, have you guys noticed a difference in my photos? I've been trying a different technique and wondering what you all think. Please let me know in comments!



Candice Buchanan said...

It looks almost jade colored - super pretty! I say top everything in glitter - it's just a good rule of thumb *nods emphatically*

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

I agree, I loved this color so much! And I also agree completely about the glitter!