Tuesday, February 26, 2013

China Glaze Mimosas Before Manis

Hey everyone, almost done with February untrieds and today I didn't even cheat! I have one of the new Avant Garden China Glazes today, Mimosas Before Manis (which on my label is Mimosa's Before Mani's and ughhhhh). This is pinker than my photo but I honestly couldn't capture this accurately and was really enraged by it and decided to move on. However, I do love this color and will wear it again. This is three coats and it was easy peasy.

Go check out Amanda and Sarah!



The Little Canvas said...

Love this color. I feel though that if I had a Mimosia before a Mani, my nails wouldn't look too good.

Jennifer Adamson said...

So pretty

tee said...

is it weird that i kinda like when bottle labels are wonky or wrong? :o) when i first saw the title of your post on facebook, i read it as you were talking about how you had a mimosa before your mani, which isn't a bad idea, even on a tuesday...heheh.

Anonymous said...

I love this polish! It's such a pretty color.