Thursday, February 14, 2013

Untrieds & Sparkle Nail Lacquer Review

Happy Valentine's Day! Umm... so... you may have noticed from my preview picture that this is a glitter. But you'd be wrong! I have an untried creme/neon as a base and it's China Glaze Pink Plumeria but I may have gotten a little excited and forgot to photograph that part... so... uh... put your imagination goggles on my friends, and block out the glitter. Then go over to Sarah and Amanda and see what people who can stick to challenge rules come up with ;)

Just kidding. YOU CAN'T BLOCK THIS GLITTER OUT. It's sparkletastic and gorgeous. But let me get back to that... Sparkle Nail Lacquer was kind enough to work out a deal with me and I picked out some stuff to review! Of course I chose Glitter Bomb, and none of you are surprised. Glitter Bomb is exactly what it sounds: all types of glitter in a clear base. I can see moons, butterflies, stars, and hearts on my nails and I didn't have to fish whatsoever. It was absolutely loaded with glitter and very easy to apply, although a couple of the larger glitters curled (see the big square on my pointer finger). I didn't notice any others curled in the bottle so it might have just been this one type. Either way, I was satisfied!

I also wanted to try her quick dry top coat, which is something I've been in the market for ever since my Wicked Fast dried up. I can report this top coat was awesome! Below is one coat and it could have used two, but this was a pretty dense glitter so I'm not surprised. It did dry super fast and it's now my current go-to top coat!

Alright, so now that you've seen all you need to see, head on over to Sparkle Nail Lacquer. By the way, this week they're having 14% off with VALENTINE14 so you can save on your glitter fix! Just a tip :) Happy day of love and remember that I love you!



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

This is definitely another Amanda polish. You're so cute :-)

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

It definitely is! haha