Monday, September 24, 2012

More Candy Lacquers!!!

Hi everyone! Happy Monday... or not. I loatheeeeeeee Mondays for the sheer fact that lately I've been literally living for my weekends - I always have such fun things planned and (as you all may have heard) fall in New England is absolutely beautiful for being outdoors. So I've been busybusybusy at work and then busybusybusy on the weekends, but I guess it's good - although time flying is against me because I hate winter.

ANYWAY. Today I have awesome swatches from Candy Lacquer again! These are actually old - pre-lightbox and pre-watermark. So bear with me. Also, all pictures are "natural" light with my white light lamp first and then in the light of my window. Putting these under a cut because there's 14 pictures... oops.

First up is Party Girl. I see red, pink, (orange? maybe?), bright blue, and purple matte glitter in varying shapes and sizes. I even see a blue star on my pinky - and we all know I'm a sucker for shaped glitter. I layered two coats using a little dabbing (no fishing, though!) over Barry M Lemon Ice Cream. Looooooove this one, and the name is perfect!

Next up is Halloween Candy which I am basically sure I bought specifically for the name haha! This is silver, yellow, orange, green, and black glitter in a clear base. I used two coats over Barry M Grey (creative name) and it had the same application as Party Girl; some dabbing, but no fishing.I'm not really sold on the bar glitter in this one, for some reason, and might swap/sell it.

Vampire Kiss is up next. This one is matte black, purple and red glitter of varying shapes and sizes. Again, another one I picked up for the name (and also the heart glitter...). This one is perfect for Halloween! I can imagine this as a Queen of Hearts costume accent! It reminds me of Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire although I don't own it to compare. I use 2 coats over OPI Alpine Snow and application was a little trickier than the previous two... I had to dab and push the glitter into place, but I'm sure top coat would level any imperfections out!

Candies and Sprinkles (yes, bought for the name. I love sprinkles!) is pink, salmon, yellow, blue, purple, and silver glitter. This one has bar glitter in it, too, in case you aren't a fan! This is two coats over OPI Atomic Orange (which spilled ALL OVER my white sheets for this swatch and stained them permanently, so especially appreciate this one) .

Girl Talk is mostly square but also hex glitter in various sizes and colors (red, pink, blue seem to be the primary ones). For some reason, shiny glitter almost looks strange to me now, but this was pretty! I layered two coats over Barry M Lemon Ice Cream and it applied like butter. Normal application with no dabbing, pushing, fishing, etc. - just apply like a normal polish!

What do you think? I love this brand. I'm eyeing Modern Love for my next purchase! If you are swapping or selling it PLEASE email me! haha



PolishedClawsUp said...

Totally digging Halloween Candy!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

It really is beautiful. I love the feeling in the air and watching the leaves change... it's just so unfortunate it signals winter is coming :( Thank you!

jamieleelu said...

Candy Lacquers make me le sigh in adoration....... :)

Jenna Froggy said...

oh, I love Candy is it I still have none in my stash :D

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

I don't know! You're nuts! She opens tonight sometime so check it out :)

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Me too. I need them all!