Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black Cat Lacquers

Hi everyone! What are you guys doing for the long weekend? I'm busy busy busy! Yesterday I went to the beach (finally!), today I'm hiking and having lunch with my girlfriends, then off to the drive in with some co-workers and my boyfriend, and then Monday I'm hanging with my boyfriend. A great weekend plan, if you ask me!

Today I have for you some Black Cat Lacquers, which I ordered after seeing them on The Polishaholic's blog. Up first is Tetris, a multi-colored square glitter topcoat. SQUARE. GLITTER. I'm in love already. I layered this over OPI Atomic Orange because it seemed to complement the colors of glitter in Tetris. This is one coat with no top coat, using some dabbing but nothing difficult. It easily self-leveled so I didn't have to worry about bumps from tons of the base as I globbed glitter on.


Natural light
Next up is Let Them Eat Cake, which is PASTEL GLITTER. Does this brand get me or what?! This is actually my second bottle because the first had really sparse glitter. I emailed Sabrina and she replaced it, no questions asked! I was really pleased with the customer service!

This is two coats over OPI Fly, Nox Twilight (some pink, the bottles aren't labeled - I'm sorry!), Revlon Taxi, and OPI Alpine Snow. This was really easy, no dabbing or pushing glitter around. No top coat here but you can see it's a little globby in some places.

Low light


Natural lighting
So there you have it! I love both of these and they made me want to buy more from Sabrina, who is available on Etsy and is currently having a Labor Day sale: 10% off if you enter LABORDAY10 until September 4th.



Jenna Froggy said...

Oh, I want Let Them Eat is stunning!

Dolores Zimerl said...

Great swatches =)!
I really like Let Them Eat Cake, it would probably be awesome for frankenig a pastell glittery polish =)

girlsarepretty said...

Let Them Eat Cake is pretty!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Yes it is, I love pastel glitter now!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

I bet it would, but I love it so much on its own I'd never let myself Franken with it! lol

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

It definitely was a favorite as soon as I saw it on Jen's blog but in person it's so beautiful yet subtle, I even wore it to work!

Nicole said...

I too am OBSESSED w square glitter. But I have none. I really need to fix that problem. :-/ I especially want Color Blind Squared. :)