Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: Zoya Renee

Hello hello! How is everyone's week going? I'm noticing my makeup and jewelry posts aren't viewed or commented too often; I've heard you loud and clear! LOL I'm going to include them from time-to-time but I'll be more focused on nails from here on out... or at least I'll do my best as long as my nails cooperate :)

Today I have for you a very lovely crelly polish by Zoya: Renee! I got this on clearance at Ulta way back when and there were literally three nearly identical colors and my ex had to help me narrow it down to pick just one, which was Renee. I just got around to wearing it recently and here she is in all her glory (my cuticles, though, are in no glory. Ignore those scene-stealing jerks.)

I only have one photo of this lovely because a) it was nighttime so there was no natural light to speak of b) I have no room in my apartment for a lightbox and c) it was the only one where I wasn't completely dissatisfied with my photography skills. Okay, I'm done with my self-criticism.

Here I used two coats and no top coat. I ended up going back to add another coat and TC because I just wanted to make sure it was all even and perfect. This is a crelly type finish; it was more opaque than a jelly, but not quite creme and very squishy looking IRL. It's much more magenta IRL as well, this makes it look like a mauve-y pink.

What do you ladies think?


Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

I suck at Pink Wednesday. Wah wah....


And is there anyway to change the Disqus (holy crap, I just got that.... disqus = discuss. I'm seriously a dummy sometimes) background from light gray? it's kind of hard to read and I am an old lady with shady vision as it is. I will still read your blog if it is not possible to change the color. Because I love you.

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

I'll work on changing the background, I'll figure it out... just for you!

Dolores Zimerl said...

Great application and picture! And your cuticles look amazing! I'm inlove =)

As far as the posts are concerned, just publish what you want. It's your blog and we love you just the way you are =)