Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jewelry Trend: Stacked Bangles

Hello! How's everyone's day going? I'm writing this with cramps but with my kitten next to me... so it all balances out! As you're reading this, I'm away for the weekend with my BFF at the beach on Cape Cod, so I guess I can't complain, even though I just did.

I recently put up a poll (vote if you haven't already, please!) about whether people would like to see posts about jewelry or fashion. Right now, it's pretty split with people saying "yes, once in a while" or "absolutely not" so I'm going to go with "yes" for now... especially since some of my twitter friends encouraged me and, hey, who writes this blog anyway?! ;)

Today I want to show you one of my favorite trends lately: stacked bangles. If my IRL friends Julia and/or Sarah are reading this, they might be thinking: ARM PARTY! And yes, it's basically that.

Don't worry. I don't wear all of these all at once, I promise.
 I got these all over the place, but mostly from etsy. I'm obsessed with etsy and I have to stay away so I'm not going to link you to any of the sellers, and also because they were all one-of-a-kind sets and it'd be mean to tease you that way (here's a link, but you can't buy it because I ALREADY DID. muahahaha). However, I assure you, there are hundreds more out there for you. I did not buy all the bangles, try as I might.

These are probably my favorite, from Alex and Ani. My sister got me these for my birthday and I love them so much. The bangles themselves are made from recycled materials and are expandable/retractable to fit your wrist. They're pricy (about $24-28 each) but I love them! These are becoming more and more popular (in my area anyway) and I suspect they may be the next Pandora bracelet, but who knows. (If I'm right, you have to tell everyone where you saw them first. Promise?)

Next, these are another set of my favorites that I bought from etsy. There's three separate silver bangles each with its own golden charm: a pearl, a bird, and a leaf. I love these. I probably wear them the most and they're so simple and cute that when people notice the detail, they seem especially special. Especially.

So, there you have it. My recent obsession, possibly rivaling nail polish, but only because I'm only interested in indies right now and I can't keep up with restocking and all that nonsense. What do you think? I have one more jewelry post planned, but let me know if you like them so I know whether to keep going or not!



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

Umm, I think you should totally wear those all at once. That is completely acceptable! :)

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Haha true! I just would jingle a lot ;)

Jacqui said...

Yay, I love bangles! That last set is probably my favorite!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thanks! I've actually bought like two sets even since I wrote this post, I'm obsessed!