Sunday, February 20, 2011

Past week of manis

Hi girls! Sorry I went another span without any posts. I figure you'd rather wait for the real thing than read excuses. Here's my past week of manis, starting with my Valentine's mani inspired by Danielle's Valentine's mani. This is Zoya Reece with Sinful Colors Show Me White, Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go!, and Zoya KI layered over each other on the accent fingers with Bundle Monster plate (I forget the number, but it's the three hearts!):

Next up is Color Club Gossip Column. This is about 12 hours of wear and there are huge chips all over. I forgot a picture earlier in the process, so unfortunately this is all I've got! Sorry. Formula was good on this and I loved the color, but wasn't impressed with the wear (obviously).

Next up I have two Milani Holos, Hi Def (purple) and Digital (pink). They were scattered, beautiful, pigmented holo and I adored them. 

Next was Petites Figi. I imagined from the bottle this was holo too, but instead I got metallic. Highly disappointed by that! It was pretty easy to use and lasted forever, but I didn't like the color on me so it didn't last long. Into the swap bin!

And finally, I got in my China Glaze Crackles (!!!!) and couldn't resist. This is Cracked Pavement over China Glaze Ahoy! which I forgot to take a picture of on its own. This was amazing all in all, even though I didn't expect to be layering over this color since it was beautiful on its own.

More crackles are in for the next post as I made some swatches, but I have to run for now! What did you guys think of my manis? My nails are naked right now, so perhaps I could use some advice for the next mani?


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