Friday, February 11, 2011

Last week of manis!

Hi ladies, sorry for falling off the face of the earth! I'm back in my last semester of grad school which is crazy in itself, but my internship decided they'd like to hire me when I'm done, so I'm building up my case load gradually... meaning lots of paperwork and new clients to meet. Also, my fellowship started up at school again so I'm doing that two nights a week. So life has been a bit hectic and I've been doing lots of 10 hour days... yikes! Anyway, here's my manis from the last weekish, although for two whole days, I didn't wear any polish (GASP) - not even a top coat!

First up, Zoya Ki. I liked this color... didn't love it. It's a purple duochrome that flashes olive. I wore it for about a day and felt iffy about it, plus this is tipwear from wearing it literally about an hour, so I took it off pretty quickly. This is two coats:

I splurged at a beauty supply nearby and got myself 4 new Color Clubs. I love them... their formula, their cruelty-free-ness, their price. Everything. From left to right: Alias, Alter Ego, Magic Attraction, and Gossip Column (a color I've been craving for a long time now!)

Last Saturday at work (we're a former nail salon, with lots and lots of polishes to use!) I tried an OPI Dim Sum Plum from their not-too-distant Hong Kong collection. It's actually more purple in person but I couldn't get my camera to capture it. Another one I liked, didn't love. This is two coats plus OPI top coat.

Next, I had a couple days off from my professional life so I knew I could be a little crazy with my polish. Well, more than a little crazy, I suppose. I decided to do straight up Color Club Magic Attraction and the results were incredible. Three coats, not completely opaque but since it's nearly nude anyway you couldn't see VNL very easily, and it's a glitter bomb. But wait, not just any glitter bomb... a HOLO glitter bomb. It was enough to make me wear it two days and well worth the pain of a removal process. 

Finally, Zoya Reece. As you can see, I did a very sloppy clean up job for this picture. My excuse? This polish took FOREVER to dry. And I kept repeatedly smudging it... not just part of it, but the lower layer of polish would completely shift leaving wrinkles. Not okay. So this is about my third time painting them and I was thinking "If I don't take a picture of it looking like this, I'll never take a picture because I'm taking it off!" Hence, terrible application. This is two coats... but if you want to count all the previous coats, this is coat probably 10 and 11. Ugh. I decided to give it a chance and I'm currently wearing it with some Konad... a feat not yet featured on my blog! That's up for next post to see my Valentine's Day mani!

So what do you ladies think? Favorite and least favorite? Issues with polishes not drying and driving you nuts? Valentine's manis or plans?!


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