Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Claire's Poison Apple, in honor of my mom

Hi ladies, today I have a somewhat somber post as it's dedicated to my mother who passed away 8 years ago today from emphysema. But I don't want it to be depressing, so we're going to focus on the good things and the polish! Okay? Okay!

I picked Claire's Poison Apple out at the store not long ago because I heard it was a MAC Bad Fairy dupe. Since I can't afford MAC, nor do I really want to pay that much for polish, I thought it was worth a try. It was sitting in my unworns bin when I realized I wanted to do a special mani for my mom. Red was her favorite color, and I have a feeling she would have picked this color out herself for me to wear, so here we have it, Claire's Poison Apple:

This polish is a nice, glittery red-orange duochrome that I was at first afraid was a mistake. The first coat went on really yucky, and it came out looking like a sheer, reddish gray mess. But I decided to stick to it because if it looks like that in the bottle, there must be some way to make it look like that on my nail, right? Right! After about 3 coats it looked good, but I decided to do a fourth coat just to even out some bald spots and make sure it was even. I topped it with Seche Vite, and voila!

I hope my mom's happy with my choice, it seemed like a color she would've liked and I like it too. I feel like I need to personally rename it since "Poison Apple" as a name of a polish to remember your mom is a bit off-putting. So I'm renaming it for my own purposes to "Mom's Tulips", because tulip was her favorite flower. Hopefully I did a solid tribute to ya, mom!

What do you ladies think of "Mom's Tulips"? Do you have the MAC Bad Fairy, does it compare?



Lindsay M. B. said...

I really love "Mom's Tulips". :) Beautiful tribute.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Lindsay! :)