Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm In Rehab

Cuticle rehab. (Gotcha?) Anyway, my nails can't be photographed at this point. You would all laugh yourselves into a coma looking at my cuticles and thinking, "ha! She thinks she's a nail blogger...". So instead I am gonna whip these puppies into shape (perhaps with some Shellac? Or, because I'm cheap, mostly with cuticle lotion and nippers?) and come back, because I think it'll be good for me. Therapeutic even. And therapeutic is good. Said the therapist.



Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

Can't wait to see your blog posts :-)

Crystal said...

my cuticles looked horrible in my wic australia pics but I posted them anyway. there will always be haters and like bad hair days, there are bad cuticle days ;) Oil them up 3 times a day for quick recovery, I get the best results with avoplex. xo Crystaliciousss

Megan said...

Moisture moisture and easy on the nipping. Try some cuticle remover gel stuff and push back after. How are they now?