Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Sale!

Hi all, I know you haven't heard from me since I last posted about, uh, coming back. Clearly, that hasn't happened yet but you never know about the future! ;) Anywho, I'm letting you guys know I'm having a blog sale which will work one of two ways:

  • Buy an individual polish (prices are indicated, feel free to make offers but be fair, please) OR
  • Grab bags - you select a price range including about $5 for shipping (beginning at $15) and I'll put polishes together for you and ship you a surprise; you can request certain colors, polishes, finishes or what you do not want :) (This option helps me to make room and also make money and I promise to be generous with what I include, it will likely be worth more than the value of what I put the polishes at on the spreadsheet).
So here's what's up for grabs, check out my spreadsheet (linked if you click that link) which I will update periodically as things sell - happy hunting :) Contact me at az270890 (at) yahoo (dot) com to order.


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