Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Remembrance...

Hey girls, no nail post for today. You may remember from last year that February 2nd is an important day for me. First, the typical Groundhog Day meaning, and secondly, it's the day my mother passed away 9 years ago today. It's not a day I'm necessarily sad, but I always miss her especially on this day. Last year I did a mani in her honor (man, those pictures aren't my best but look how long my nails used to be! How do I get back to that?!) but I just haven't really felt like dedicating myself to do that again or to wear the same color again. Maybe it's a bit of a cop out this year, but with everything going on, I'm deciding against posting a mom mani.

Anyway, I'd really like to hear some of your favorite memories of YOUR moms today. I'll share some too. First, my mom was such an amazing advocate. I was her only biological child, and she would defend me tooth and nail. I remember in elementary school, a kid picked on me on the bus and my mom actually got on the bus, told the bus driver, and the bus driver made the kid apologize to me. It would have been really embarrassing to most kids, but I was just so proud to have someone stand up for me like that, against something that was probably no more than a few unkind words. (And don't worry, that kid never bothered me again.) Second, I remember how passionate she was, including about antiques. I remember going to flea markets with her where she'd spend hours setting up and organizing her treasures while buying some new ones. She'd always get me these refrigerated rotisserie chicken drumsticks and I remember it was my favorite part (oh, and one time this lady was selling a bunch of Halloween makeup and once when I was wandering around she gave me a ton of it). In many ways, I have her passion within me, such as my passion for nail polish!

What are your fondest or strongest memories of your mom?



Melissa White said...

Most of my favorite memories of my mother are of her teaching me to cook and bake and how to crochet. All things that I still love to do and have enjoyed teaching my children. <3

Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

First off, *hugs* and then... *more hugs*

My mom is extremely stubborn. She will not give an inch. And she will defend and stand up for the ones she loves to the end of the earth.

emlangille said...


I love my mom, mostly because we are so close. I talk to her basically every day (all day) when I'm away at school. and I love her because she was so happy to have children that she wasn't even worried when we were born 3 months early and thought we were so beautiful when we weren't.

MariJo Nails said...

Your mom sounds like she was awesome!! I don't really have stories, but my mom is one of the most caring people I know. She's always looking out for others. At least once a week I still get a bowl of food that she cooked. And there's nothing like Mommy's cooking.
Sending love your way!

Uncouthandlovingit said...

I miss my mom too, just to hear her voice in my dreams makes me happy! I try to live life to the fullest, her passing made recognize how precious and short life can be and not to wait on others as she did my step dad. The person I was then and who I am now are waaay different. Although we were not as close as my other sister I can honestly say she loved me and is proud of me. Remember the bucket list, should not be of the things or dreams when we face death, but of what we should strive for to live

Megan said...

Amanda I had no idea, I'm sorry. I have lost pretty much my only grandmother, my father, and my best friend, so I do understand in some way. I saw your mom mani from last year and love it.
My mani in honor of her:
For her birthday:
And one with a great pic/story about her:

My mother and I have been through a lot and our relationship is rough, but I have so many fond memories of her. My first one I can think of is sitting in the garden picking the peas out of the pods and eating them when I was still in diapers while my mum mowed the grass. We were always out in nature. And she taught me how to swim in this bathing suit that had a bow on the back. I would say "hold my bow." I now have that to give to my future child.

And because an important person who I have actually lost is my best friend, I'll give you a memory about her too. We grew up in the mountains and hiked all the time. Once we traded marshmallows for filet mingnon to some high dudes in a hiking shelter lol. We used to swim in the freezing cold mountain water and look for tadpoles. Marian, after she had passed, actually helped me choose my wedding song. I could talk about her all day :).