Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hits Hera, No Violence Included

Hello lovely ladies! How are you all today? Splendid, I hope! If not, maybe some linear holo can brighten your day?

Today I have Hits (which in conjunction with the names of Greek gods sounds like you're striking them, to me. Hits Zeus, Hits Hera, etc... weird. Anyway...) Hera which is the deep teal holographic from the No Olimpo collection. This one is a beaut, although the linear holo could be subtle since the base is so dark. However, I like that since I think it's easy for base colors to get lost in the holo. I digress.

I used two (I think?) coats of Hera and it applied like a dream. The first shot is meant to show the color and will demonstrate what I mean about the holo hiding. It's a beautiful color, regardless of holo or not.

Here we go: the big show. The holo. The gorgeousness.

Why is my thumd always so much better at showing things? Coming up I will be showing you Lynnderella Shape Shifter and this thumb got two unique glitters on it! It's a magical thumb.



Melissa White said...

Yah, I so need these colors!! Love love love it!!

Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

*angels singing*

Anya1976 said...

so pretty, I need to get some of these polishes .... maybe when I can afford them lol but I am loving LOVING these holos

MariJo Nails said...

Love it!!!