Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a terrible, neglectful blogger

Hi girls! I'm so sorry for my absence. You've heard my runaround... grad school, boyfriend, job, internship, the whole bit. No excuses! Here's a post. First up, can I make it up to you with an INCREDIBLE giveaway? ThePolishAholic is having a blogiversary giveaway. Lots of stuff up for grabs, including Misa's new collection, the Beiber collection, and the whole OPI Texas collection. Go enter!

Okay, on to some nails. I haven't been doing my nails much lately, and even when I do I find that I'm not picking very blog-worthy colors. Maybe it's my subconscious preventing me from feeling disappointed with myself when I don't post... maybe I'm spending too much time thinking in psychological terms.

First up, this is Nox Twilight Poseidon. I got these from a lovely lady on MakeupAlley (if you're reading this, I still love you! thanks again!) and I am not disappointed. This is the first one I wore as a mani and I was impressed. It had great wear, even though the formula was a little runny. It was a nice robin's egg blue, but looked gray in some lighting. I find this season I've been trying lots of light blues, so maybe I'm making my own personal trend?

This one is OPI DS Reserve, a beautiful light pink holo that I had been avoiding because a) it wasn't sunny for holos and b) it was the DS color I liked least. But man, I regret that now. Beautiful! Loved every minute of it. This is after about two days of wear, so excuse the tip wear and cuticles.

Finally, some ELF polishes! I was scoping these out online and wanted to try this brand (big 3 free and only $1!). Luckily, Target started displaying them so I picked one up. This set was $4.99! All the colors are great but I'm especially enthusiastic about the light purple (creatively named Lilac). I'll let you know what I think once I try them out.

So, that's all she wrote for today! I also got the Zoya spring collection with their Women's Day promo, so I may show you guys that at some point, although I'm sure you're swatched out over those right now. I'm wearing Dannii and it's gorgeous. I thought it would be my favorite, but I'm really tempted to try Dove and Caitlin tonight...


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