Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The long lost nail blogger returns

Hi Ladies! Again, apologies for my spotty (at best) posting on this blog. I started it on winter break from school and I'm in my last semester of grad school which is winding down. Winding down meaning it's almost over, but winding down meaning now all my final papers and such are due. So, I'm going to do a quick little post today since it's been almost a month (!!) since my last post and you all deserve a little something!

Okay, and away we go! Here's Zoya Lolly with China Glaze Black Mesh over it. I liked Lolly okay, but it chipped right off the bat and was a bright Barbie pink that I couldn't get away with for long. So I added Black Mesh almost immediately to give it some depth and I really liked the combo (sorry I didn't get a Lolly pic alone, but I really didn't even hesitate between Lolly and Black Mesh!).

Next up is Zoya Breezi with Fault Line over it. I seem to have a China Glaze crackle over Zoya summer collections theme going... hmm. Anyway, I liked Breezi on its own but it seemed like more of a fall/winter color to me than a spring/summer color. I wore it on its own (and swear I took a picture, but my camera must have eaten it!) for one day and then added Fault Line over it for a fun look :)

So, what do you ladies think? Feel free to yell at me for my extended absences in the comments and remember: I do read every comment, even if I'm not posting anything new, so feel free to ask me questions or leave comments and I'll reply!

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smileviolet said...

I love the second one! I need to get my hands on some of that crackle polish! It's so pretty and striking!