Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Waldo? Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? Where's Amanda?

Famous-er questions were never asked ;) So where am I? Quick rundown: work just got crazy, I'm moving into my first apartment, I have a vacation planned in May that I am not at all prepared for (it was scheduled with my now-ex so I've been soliciting someone to buy my second ticket), and I have a new boyfriend who lives a half hour from me. Translation: I've been in Busytown, USA.

You'll all be relieved (I think?) to know my absence isn't depression related anymore. Much the opposite, I've been really happy. I spend at least three nights at my boyfriend's every week (he doesn't know I blog... er, used to blog, I suppose, given my recent absence). I work about 40+ hours a week and schedules, managers, rules, policies, etc. are changing constantly. I'm moving out for the first time, which is exciting and fun and expensive. But I'm really looking forward to some independence, eating healthy, the roommate and apartment experience, and the pool my apartment complex offers (a rarity in my part of the world).

Anywho, it's all gravy, my friends. Except for my blog... I guess it's taken an extreme back burner for now. I love this community, I love talking to all of you, and I haven't given up blogging - but for now, it doesn't fit into my life. I haven't bought polish in months. My nails are naked 90% of the time (I paint them some Fridays, but take it off by Tuesday). I'm not ruling out that I'll be back someday, I just might. I'm not deleting it, and all my posts will be up. I'm still available on twitter (although not as often) at Amanda_NPE. You can still email me - I'd love to keep in touch with you, my dears. But for now, blogging looks like it's on hiatus, I don't know how long. I've missed you all though... Please keep in touch.



Lissa White said...

Good for you!! It's awesome to hear that life is going so well!!

Amanda (Fashion Footing) said...

I'm glad you're happy, but I miss you terribly! And YOU are the reason I can't get the Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego song out of my head!! :-p

ChiChi Bee said...

Good for you, glad to hear that you are happy!