Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Hello again! I'm back (again) with my tail between my legs... but I have good news! Those expensive little letters that go after my name are finally here! That's right - I'm all done with school!! :) Unfortunately, now I'll be entering the work world as a therapist and taking my licensure exam, so life is still going to be busy... but much less so. This also means my nails may be a little more boring work-friendly for the most part. But enough about me, how have you lovelies been?!? Any requests, anything you've been missing here or on other blogs that I can help with? Anyway, on to the NOTDS!

Here's Zoya Gloria, which is a nice, almost glass-flecked red polish. I'm not a HUGE red polish fan, but this one was nice and applied well.

Here's China Glaze's Tronica High Def. This reminded me so much of blue jeans, but I did like it. I definitely noticed the holo in this one, even though lots of people with the older holo collections said it wasn't too noticeable. Maybe since I don't have those, it doesn't seem so disappointing haha.

And finally, here's Sinful Colors Mint Candy Apple. This was a gift from my friend Sarah, so if she's reading this - hello! This one was a nice, springy color. I had trouble deciding if it was baby blue or green in some lights. Application was pretty good, although the formula was iffy on whether it would apply thin or too gloopy. Some of my nails are one or two coats, others are four.

So, thanks for sticking by me! If you read this, shoot me a comment! I read them all and will reply to you as soon as I read it. And, if you like what you read, share my blog with a friend - the more followers I have, the more readers I have, the more I'll want to post and I'll start doing giveaways :) Also, vote in my poll to the right: are you for or against pedis of the day?



smileviolet said...

I am so excited you tried it out! Looks nice!

Amanda said...

I loved the color, you have great taste, as always!