Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vote for me!

Hi everyone! A bit of a different post today. Have you all heard of Lex Cosmetics? Well, if you haven't, Lex is the owner who founded this company on the basis that we should get to make our own colors. So, you can submit colors you want to see, name them, describe them, and then she sets up a poll. The one with the most votes gets created! Best of all, each color that is created is associated with a charity, and a dollar of the sales of that color go to that charity. Awesome, right?!

Well, yours truly submitted a color back in the day and it's up for voting! It's inspired by my mother, just after I made that post dedicated to her in February. It's called Tuilleries, and I would love it if you would all vote! Currently, I'm in second place, but I only need about 75 votes to catch up to first place. You can vote once per computer, so vote on as many electronics as you can ;)

Oh, you need the link? To vote for Tuilleries? :) So please, vote for my color, post this on your blog if you have one, tweet it, whatever... help me win, please?


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